The client journey



After explaining our service to you and agreeing on the fees, we’ll begin to gather data alongside your objectives and goals.

Your adviser will gain an insight into your financial situation, and any existing plans, and then will discuss your needs, goals and any timescales. We’ll also establish your attitude to risk at this stage.


Analysis and research

Once your adviser has gathered all the information they need, they will take some time to analyse this to assess your current situation and how your finances stand.

Following this, they will determine what is required to meet the needs and goals identified in the first meeting, and then build a plan based on this research.



Once the plan has been formulated, you will meet with your adviser again and discuss the plan they have formulated.

Your adviser will offer recommendations that satisfy your needs and goals, and then help you understand them fully, in plain English, so you can make an informed decision about the next steps for your financial future.



If you are happy with the proposed plan, we’ll go ahead and implement the recommendations for you.

If other professionals are required, such as solicitors, accountants or other specialists, we will coordinate the entire process. We’ll make it as smooth as possible for you, and you’ll sleep easy knowing your plan is being taken care of.


Ongoing reviews

We’ll continue working together, even after your plan has been implemented. We’ll agree on a review schedule and use these to monitor the progress of your plan, and make any amendments if your circumstances or other factors have changed.

This part of the process is crucial for both of us as it keeps you on track and makes you reflect on your circumstances.