Can I understand how much money I need to retire?

I had reached 55 and was looking to cash in part of my pension. I gave my adviser all my details and he sorted everything out. I had two small pensions which he dealt with, and he was pleasant and professional at all times.

Unlocking your magic number

When deciding to retire, the million-dollar question is: “How much do I need?”. There’s no magic number that works for everyone. We all live a unique lifestyle, have unique families and have unique goals.

For some, retirement means travelling and maintaining their current lifestyle, others see it as a chance to wind down and spend time with family, allowing them to reap the benefits of your savings instead.

How we can help

We know the retirement process like the back of our hands, so there’s no team better equipped to take control of your finances.

We do the number crunching for you, but this must start with us identifying your goals and objectives, and what your retirement looks like. We give truly independent advice, so the solution we provide will be tailored around you.

Ultimately, we’ll answer that million-dollar question with clarity, ease and professionalism. Everything you could ask for in a financial adviser.

  • Establishing a clear plan The best time to plan is while you’re still earning an income. By discussing the amount you’ll require, we recommend a solution and carry on reviewing it.
  • Building an income There is a multitude of ways to fund your retirement. But we’ll establish the best strategies for you to ensure you have a sufficient level of income.
  • Providing peace of mind You want to relax during your retirement, which is why we must put in the work beforehand. By doing this now, you can rest assured knowing it’s all taken care of.

The value of advice

Yes, we offer professional advice and take care of your worries, but our value goes beyond that.

We turn the complex into something simple and enable you to understand your finances. We deal with sensitive solutions with empathy and build a relationship formed of trust. Value might be hard to quantify, but we make it look easy.

More of life’s big questions

Our work encompasses all of life’s major events and we have specialist advisers on hand to navigate your worries.

Can I understand how much money I need to retire?

We know the retirement process like the back of our hands, so there’s no team better equipped to advise you.

Are my investments delivering what I need them to?

Delegate to someone who has experience in delivering what you need from your investments.

How do I make sure my family is secure if I die or fall ill?

Plan ahead to avoid money worries piling up and reaching a point where you’re unable to do anything yourself.

How can I get a mortgage to find my dream home?

Our team of independent mortgage advisers will put their heart and soul into finding the right mortgage for you.

Is equity release the right option for me?

Equity release is a big decision. So big, in fact, that you don’t want to make the decision alone.

How can I take money from my business tax-efficiently?

We’ll work together to achieve the best outcome because we care about you personally and your business.

What do I need to think about when it comes to selling my business?

We’ll be there through every twist and turn, from the first potential sale to telling your employees and beyond.

I’ve received an inheritance, how do I invest it?

Our advisers will go at your pace, advising you on where best to place this newfound money.

How can I minimise the amount of tax paid when I die?

We’ll plan ahead to ensure that more of your wealth goes to the people you choose, rather than the tax office.